100% via the RAV in switzerland. Please contact us

50%, maximum 500 € on education vouchers, "Bildungsprämie", bonus voucher of german Ministry of Education and Research     


10% for GI, UPA, VDMA members (code: "GI", "UPA", "VDMA")
25% for self-payers & freelancers (code: "FB")

10% if registering a second employee (code: "ZWEI")
25% if registering a third employee (code: "DREI")
50% if registering four employees or more (code: "VIER")

25% for new entrepreneurs and start up companies (code: "GRU")
25% for charitable organizations (code: "GEM")

50% for job seekers (code: "AS")
50% for pupils, students and trainees (code: "ST")