Usability Academy 10 A




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UA4100 Digital Experience Manager



  • 5 days / 10 half days training + test + certificate

UX Strategy – UX from a management perspective

  • Overview of Usability, User Experience, UCD User Centered Design, ISO 9241
  • UX & Usability Basics ISO 9241-11 -110 -210 -161 -112
  • Business model
  • Value propositions - the benefits or: What value do we offer to the customer?
  • Resources - the key resources
  • Key Activities
  • Partner (Key Partner)
  • Customer Relationships
  • Channels, marketing and communication channels
  • Customer Segments / Customer Groups
  • Revenue streams
  • Cost Structure - the costs at a glance
  • Refreshment curriculum CPUX-F from a management point of view
  • User Experience Design
  • Introduction to the usability engineering process - ISO 9241-210

Overview of user research

  • Methods of user research and human centered design process
  • User research & context of use analysis
  • Usability evaluation & testing as a source of user research

User research & context of use

  • Prepare and conduct contextual interviews
  • Make observations
  • Prepare and conduct focus groups
  • Document context of use descriptions
  • Personas
  • As-is scenarios
  • Mental models
  • Task models
  • User groups & user group profiles
  • Identify user needs in context of use information and translate them into user requirements
  • Convert requirements into user requirements in a targeted manner
  • Consolidate usage requirements
  • Consolidate and prioritize usage requirements with users


  • Create interview guidelines
  • Conduct an interview
  • Document as-is scenarios & task models
  • Develop personas

User Research Usability Testing & Evaluation

  • Plan & carry out user-centered evaluations
  • Moderated usability test
  • Unmoderated usability test with video recording
  • Remote usability test
  • Eye tracking and other methods
  • User survey
  • KJ method


  • Create test script for usability test
  • Carry out unmoderated usability test with video recording
  • Moderate remote usability test and record it with video
  • Evaluation of the usability tests with the KJ method

Design Thinking in Product Development / Service Design

  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Origin, development, current applications, case studies, field reports
  • The design process
  • Description and justification of the stages in the design thinking process
  • For which types of problems is Design Thinking suitable (and for which not)?
  • The environment: mixed teams, the place, time boxing strategies and implementation methods

  • 1. Understand
  • Define the problem space
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Formulate a design challenge
  • 2. Watch
  • Empathy in the design process
  • Methods of observation
  • interviewing
  • group discussions
  • Complementary methods: diaries, mobile ethnography, surveys
  • Analysis and synthesis of data
  • 3. Point of view
  • Empathy mapping
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Personas
  • Formulate a point-of-view statement
  • 4. Idea generation
  • brainstorming rules
  • creativity techniques
  • idea selection
  • 5. Prototyping
  • Why prototyping?
  • Types of prototypes
  • 6. Testing
  • test methods
  • perform tests
  • Evaluate tests and bring results into the process

UX & Behavioural Design

  • Scenario & Persona in UX Design
  • Persuasive Technology
  • Habits
  • Habit Forming Products (habits and how products promote and shape habits)
  • Perception Psychology - Mental Models, Affordances, Gestalt Principles
  • Gamification
  • Game design
  • How game concepts can be applied in everyday business
  • Behavior Patterns
  • Other behavioral patterns

UX Behavioural Design Patterns

  • 30 Important UX Behavioral Design Patterns
  • Classification in the UCD process
  • Get to know the most important methods
  • Classification of methods in the usability engineering process
  • Apply the methods and examples

Measuring the User Experience

  • Overview of Usability Evaluation and Usability Testing
  • Get to know the most important usability evaluation methods
  • Classification of the evaluation methods in the usability engineering process
  • Exercise: Planning and Conducting a Usability Evaluation

UX Process Management & Usability Maturity Models

  • Overview of Usability Maturity Models (ISO, Human Factors, Nielsen)
  • Develop processes & metrics
  • Tools: Confluence, Jira, Google Analytics, ...

Test and Certificate "Usability Academy - Certified "Digital Experience Manager"

  • Exam to UX Architects
  • Online test with about 100 questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Usability Academy certificate

Price: € 2.950,- plus VAT