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  • UA1100 Usability & UX Expert CPUX-F Certification +

    UA1100 Usability & UX Expert CPUX-F Certification - LIVE ONLINE The Usability & UX seminar with all important methods from the UXQB® CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, CPUX-UR and CPUX-DS Curicullum. Usability engineering with many practical exercises. Learn how Lean UX, design thinking, virtual collaboration with V-Classroom-XL works. The online course for UX professionals who want to shape our digital future. ONLINE Training with V-Classroom-XL - Video Audio - ONLINE REALTIME WHITEBOARD - eLearning Portal - Virtual Classroom Read More
  • UA1015 UX-Designer & CPUX-F Mobile Tablet Web +

    UA1015 UX Designer & CPUX-F certificate UX Design training and preparation for CPUX-F certification in 4,5 days. The UX course focuses on the development and design of Apps, Websites. You will learn and practice all major concepts for Human Centered Design, Usability Engineering and UX Design according to international standards such as ISO 9241. You will do real usability testing with videos and use electronic whiteboards for team assignments. ONLINE Read More
  • UA1012 CPUX-F Certified Professional Usability and UX +

    UA1012 CPUX-F Certified Professional Usability and UX Do you speak usability? You can answer this question after the UX seminar. 2 days of UX training based on the Curriculum UXQB® with the option to be certified as a "Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)". The training is aimed at beginners, advanced and everyone who would like to have a globally recognized UX certificate. UX Training according Read More
  • UA1005 UX Training & Workshop Digital Products +

    UA1005 UX Training & Workshop Digital Products - ONLINE The seminar imparts all important concepts for innovative UX design, for the development, design and the usability testing of websites / mobile & tablet apps. From the basics of ISO 9241, to context of use analysis, persona, conceptual design, prototyping to usability testing + test + certificate. Differentiate between usability and user experience. Increase conversion rates and create efficient mobile user experiences. Human centered design process Read More
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