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UA1010 CPUX-F Foundation

All our trainings are now ONLINE and we use V-Classroom-XL 

UA1010 CPUX-F Overview of Basic Certification Seminars & Trainings Foundation Level of the "UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)" according to the Curriculum / Syllabus of the UXQB. The Usability Academy (GoDigitalXL UG) has been an accredited training provider since its beginnings in 2014 and has been training the Usability & UX community throughout Europe since 2010.

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  • UA1011 - CPUX-F crash course

    UA1011 - CPUX-F crash course

    Syllabus of the UXQB
    595,-€ plus VAT 1,5 days with professional knowledge Intensified training with focus on preparation for UXQB certification
  • UA1012 - CPUX-F seminar

    UA1012 - CPUX-F seminar

    Syllabus of the UXQB
    695,- € plus VAT 2 days without professional knowledge UXQB Curriculum Exercises

  • UA1013 - CPUX-F seminar

    UA1013 - CPUX-F seminar

    Syllabus of the UXQB
    1095,- € plus VAT 3 days without professional knowledge Exercises according to curriculum + more time for content and practical exercises
  • UA1015 - UX Designer - CPUX-F

    UA1015 - UX Designer - CPUX-F

    Syllabus of the UXQB
    1.750,- € plus VAT 4,5 days without professional knowledge Exercises according to curriculum + Conception of a mobile app (as a practical exercise)
  • UA1014 CPUX-F Certification

    UA1014 CPUX-F Certification

    UXQB exam regulations
    300,-€ plus VAT 1 hour 15 minutes UXQB curriculum exam over our e-learning campus
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