UA1015 UX Designer

UA1015 UX Designer & CPUX-F certificate

UX-Designer in 3 days including CPUX-F certificate for the development and design of websites / mobile & tablet apps. From the basics of ISO 9241, to usage context analysis, persona, conception, prototyping to usability testing + test + certificate.

The training for any UX Professional who wants to increase Conversion Rates and wants to implement good web Usability & UX (User Experience).

Unique: Planning, execution and evaluation of remote usability tests with real users.

The focus of the seminar is on the practical exercises. For all concepts of the CPUX seminar, there are extensive practical exercises in the areas of Web / Mobile (Webapp & Native) / Tablet, TouchDesign.

Motto of the seminar: From the idea to creative methods, storyboard, interactive prototypes.

The UX Designer provides all newcomers with the most important Usability & UX methods according to the official criteria and the syllabus of the UXQB (Usability & UX Qualification Board).

Approved UXQB® Certificate: Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)


  • 3 days: 
    First to second day: 9 am to 5.30 pm UX Designer seminar
  • Third day: 9 am to 4.30 pm UX-Designer seminar
  • CPUX-F test (Please submit when registering, if desired)*

Target group:

  • Startups / Web & Mobile Responsibles
  • Product Manager Web, Mobile, Tablet
  • User Interface Designer Web, Mobile, Tablet
  • Software Engineers Web, Mobile, Tablet
  • Project Manager
  • Quality manager
  • All those involved in development projects who collaborate and have a say in the design of user interfaces for web, mobile and tablet solutions.
  • Marketing, Web Usability, Conversion Rate Optimization

Seminar content:

Usability principles and guidelines:

  • Overview of Usability, User Experience, UCD User Centered Design, ISO 9241
  • Basics of User-Centered Design ISO 9241-210
  • Most important standards and guidelines ISO 9241-11 / 110/12
  • Usability & User Experience the difference
  • Principles of Dialogue Design
  • Intuitivity and Affordance
  • Standards and guidelines

Practical exercises:

  • Distinguish usability & user experience using practical examples (IOS / Android / Windows Mobile):

Understanding and specifying the context of use:

  • User Groups, User Group Profiles and Personas
  • Primary Users, Secondary Users, Indirect Users
  • Actual scenarios versus usage scenarios (target scenarios)
  • Interview and observation techniques

Practical exercises:

  • Data analysis Google Analytics / Google HEART Matrix
  • Usage context description after collecting the data by interview
  • Create persona
  • Formulate actual scenario

Specifying the usage requirements

  • User needs versus User requirements
  • Usage requirements as a subset of stakeholder requirements

Practical exercises:

  • Identify user needs - What does the user really need?
  • Derivation of usage requirements

Specifying the interaction

  • Task modeling as a basis for task-appropriate interaction
  • Interaction specification with usage scenarios and storyboards
  • Usage objects, information architecture and navigation
  • Basic Principles of 'Good UX Design', Golden Rules
  • Perception Psychology - Mental Models, Affordances, Gestalt Principles
  • Design and design rules
  • IOS / Google Style Guide

Practical exercises:

  • Formulating usage scenarios, for example using a mobile app / tablet app
  • Develop storyboards and workflows
  • Harmonization of the Association via Wireframes
  • Design Studio Method vs. Iterative User Centered Design
  • Develop the detailed use cases
  • Developing interactive prototypes for a mobile app
  • Exercise with Invision or Axure

Usability testing

  • Types of usability tests
  • Select and formulate usability test tasks
  • Prepare and run usability tests
  • Document and communicate usability test results
  • Inspections and user surveys
  • Types of inspection
  • inspection criteria
  • Types of user survey
  • Questionnaire selection and design

Practical exercises:

  • Developing test tasks for an online usability test, e.g. Rapid user tests
  • Formulation of the screening criteria for usability tests
  • Preparation of documents for a remote / crowd usability test


The seminar is based on the curriculum of the International Usability and User Experience Board (UXQB) and finishes with the certification exam of the UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience (CPUX-F). If you are interested, you can optionally take the exam for the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience.

The seminar contents correspond to the curriculum and glossary of the International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB), which is recognised by the Professional Association of Usability Professionals (German UPA).

Test and Certificate "Usability Academy - UX Designer"

  • Exam to the UX Design Professional
  • Online test with about 40 questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Award of the Usability Academy certificate

*Information for the CPUX-F exam:

The CPUX-F test can only be executed by the testing provider (Certible / ISQI) with a minimum of 5 participants. If the exam can not be taken after the course, you can take it in test centers near you. Details about registration, payment and locations can be found in our information material here:

Information for CPUX-F exam

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Price: from € 1.295,- plus VAT

CPUX-F certification exam: € 300,- plus VAT

Recommended prequalification: None - Also suitable for beginners

Advanced Courses: UA1100 Usability & UX Experte



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