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UA 1074 Prototyping Axure - Professional


  • 2 days (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)
  • 4 modules


  • Introduction to usability, user centered design and user experience
  • Introduction to prototyping
  • Introduction to Axure
  • Widgets and widget libraries
  • Page properties & guides
  • Interactions
  • Dynamic panels
  • Conditional logic
  • Flow charts
  • Specifications
  • Custom widgets and custom widget libraries
  • Masters
  • Variables
  • Shared projects
  • Mobile prototyping with information about areas of application, gestures and mobile browsers
  • Apps and mobile websites
  • Differences between Android and iOS
  • Axure mobile features
  • Mobile libraries, templates and simulators
  • Testing prototypes on an end device


General Note:

  • Every participant needs a notebook or the like with Axure RP 9 PRO (test version) or the possibility to install it. Furthermore, you should have access to the internet through wireless LAN or LAN.

Price: 995,- € plus VAT