UA1005 Usability & UX Foundation Seminar

UA1005E - Usability & UX Foundation Training and Certificate:

Target group:

  • Beginner
  • No prior experience
  • Individuals who want to learn the advantages of UX for their organisation
  • Comprehensive, rapid overview regarding the topics
    • Usability
    • User Experience
    • User Interface design
    • Interaction design / interaction design
    • Design thinking
  • Inhouse courses for entire teams


  •   2 day seminar + short exam + certificate by the Usability Academy

Basics of Usability and User Experience 

  • Overview of the topics usability, user experience and user interface design
  • Approaches to designing user-friendly products
  • Basics of user-centered design
  • Most important norms and regulations DIN ISO 9241
  • Exercise related to the basics of usability

Usability Engineering

  • Overview of usability engineering
  • Basics of requirement engineering
  • Overview of task analysis
  • Introduction to the usability engineering process
  • User-centered design and ISO 9241-210 (formerly DIN ISO 13407)
  • Differences and commonalities between usability and software development processes
  • How can SCRUM and other agile methods be combined with usability engineering
  • Exercise usability engineering - requirements engineering

Interaction Design

  • Basics of ”good UX design“, golden rules
  • Basics of user experience design
  • Conceptual design and workflows: how to bring an idea into a concept
  • Digression: mobile first - responsive design
  • Exercise on IxD

Usability Testing

  • Overview on usability testing
  • Basics of the planning, execution and evaluation of usability studies and tests


  • Prototyping in the context of usability engineering
  • Overview of the variations of prototypes, when and where to use them and time of testing
  • Low fidelity prototyping
  • Exercise ”paper prototyping“ - usability testing

Exam and Certificate ”Usability Academy - Usability Foundation Certificate“

  • Usability foundation exam
  • Online exam with approx. 20-25 questions

Price: 995,- Euro plus VAT


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