UA1006E Web Usability & Convertion Rate

Training objectives:

  • Define online goals and make them measurable.
  • Optimize usability and user experience of your online offer to increase conversion rates.
  • Understanding user-friendly and goal-oriented user guidance and information architecture.
  • Construction and testing of landing pages.
  • Know the most important usability & UX tools on the web
  • Practical tips for successful optimization.


  • 2 day training

Basics of User Centered Design

  • Usability as the foundation for a good user experience
  • Definition of Terms: User Experience (UX), Usability, Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Defining target groups

  • Methods for determining the target group and their needs.
  • Tasks, Usage Scenarios, Personas, Use Cases, User Journey

Usage scenario, user experience strategies and management

  • Positioning and integration of user experience and usability in the company
  • Analysis and monitoring: the result counts, because numbers do not lie
  • The Marketing Technique Growth Hacking: optimize according to numbers or corporate targets
  • Key figures, goals and their interpretation
  • Meaning of key figures for optimization
  • Formation of "real" key figures (KPIs)
  • Measure the effects of user experience and conversion optimization
  • Usability teams and expertise in the company
  • Basic Principles of 'Good UX Design', Golden Rules

The most important analytical methods

  • Surf and click path analyzes
  • A / B tests and multivariate tests
  • Expert analyzes vs. focus group
  • Eye Tracking, Heatmaps and Mouse Tracking
  • Interviews, interviews and diary
  • Useful tools and software / hardware

Conception stage and planning process

  • Usability Engineering Lifecycle
  • Parallel Design Stage, Participative Design, Wireframes, Low and High Fidelity Prototypes

User-centered Design

  • Expectations of users
  • Joy of Use, Motivation and Flow
  • design guidelines
  • Design and aesthetics vs. usability
  • Qualified and quantified goals and economic benefits

Conversion Rate Optimization (Analytics)

  • How does a conversion happen?
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Methods
  • Monitoring and measuring the success of your KPIs

Information architecture

  • User Journey, Navigation and Navigation Architecture
  • Page and system architecture, "Googlebility"
  • Category and overview pages, product and service detail pages
  • Decisive processes such as shopping cart, check-out, forms, FAQ and service
  • Landing page optimization
  • Call-to-action: signal for interaction
  • Important elements like sitemap, headlines, pictures, texts, bulletpoints and buttons

Online Marketing and Social Networks

  • Advertising text and banner optimization
  • Conversions from Google AdWords
  • Conversions from the Social Media Deep Links

Mobile Usability and User Experience

  • Mobile Website vs. Native App
  • Responsive Design vs. Mobile First
  • Multi Devices and Second Screen

Price: 995,- Euro plus VAT.

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