UA1005 Usability & UX Foundation Seminar

UA1005 Usability & UX Foundation Training & Workshop for Digital Products


2 days seminar + short test + certificate of the Usability Academy


Tailor digital products and services to the user and his needs. What matters to the user or the stakeholder?

  • Products and services with high efficiency
  • Comprehensive customer service along the customer journey
  • Better customer loyalty through targeted measures based on AI
  • More efficient processes
  • Increase recommendation
  • Basics of usability & UX and digital products
  • Know the user, their needs and their context
  • Understanding user needs and deriving requirements
  • Develop design solutions for digital products
  • Usability Testing & Evaluation

Target group:

Beginners, no prior knowledge, all who want an overview of the development of digital products & services

Basics of usability & UX and digital products

  • What standards are there for digital products and services
  • What role do the standards of ISO 9241-11, 110, 210 play?
  • User Centered Design vs. Human Centered Design
  • HCD vs. Design Thinking, Service Design, UX Design
  • Usability Engineering, SCRUM, Agile Methods, LEAN UX,

Exercise: Basics of Usability - Efficient and Effective Products and Services

Know the user, their needs and their context

  • User Research, usage context analysis
  • Understand the mental models of users
  • understand behaviors
  • Interview guidelines
  • Persona vs. Jobs-to-be-Done

Exercise: usage context description, persona

Understanding user needs and deriving requirements

  • Differentiate usage requirements from requirements
  • Derive User Needs
  • related user needs and usage requirements

Exercise: Derive User Needs

Develop design solutions for digital products

  • User Story Mapping, Scenario, Experience Mapping
  • Formulate usage scenario, describe target state
  • Basic principles of 'Good UX Design', Golden Rules
  • Basic rules of UX design
  • Style guides, IOS, Android, Material Design
  • Conceptual design and workflows: from idea to concept
  • heuristics and dialogue principles
  • Excursus: Mobile Deadline, Responsive Design, Landing Pages
  • Information architecture, navigation structure
  • Low, high fidelity prototyping

Exercise: paper or simple click prototype

Usability Testing & Evaluation

  • Overview of usability testing
  • Basics for planning, execution and evaluation of usability studies and tests
  • Heuristic evaluation

Exercise: heuristic evaluation or usability test

Test and Certificate "Usability Academy - Usability & UX Foundation Certificate"

  • Usability Foundation Test
  • Online test with about 20-25 questions

Price: 995, - Euro plus VAT

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Further courses:

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