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With our certifications you will become part of a large community of more than 8000 UX professionals

"The overview PDF that expands on the complete HCD process and lays it out clearly - that was really helpful..."

"Questions that could be asked at any time were always answered in detail. Working through practical tasks and the practice exercises together was very helpful in preparing for the exam..."

"I found the seminar very successful overall. I also liked the design of the training as remote/online training. I also liked the work with the digital whiteboard..."

Many companies rely on our training courses

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We will gladly advise you to find the right funding for you Education voucher, educational leave

  • with education voucher

    You will receive an education voucher if the further education is necessary,

    • so that unemployment can be ended
      threatening unemployment can be averted or
    • a missing vocational qualification can be made up for.

    The necessity of further training for unemployed employees is also recognized if the additional or supplementary vocational qualifications lead to an increase in competence and an improvement in employment opportunities. Such qualifications must also be geared to the needs of the labor market.

    If you meet all the requirements for funding, you will receive an education voucher from your employment agency or job center. With this voucher, you are assured that the costs of further education will be covered and, if necessary, your unemployment benefits will be paid.

    The Usability Academy is an approved training provider for Germany (Agentur für Arbeit), Austria (AMS) and Switzerland (RAV).

  • Education voucher/ educational leave

    Education check NRW

    The education voucher is aimed at all persons (especially employees and those returning to work) who meet the eligibility requirements.

    The amount of the grant is 50% of the total cost, maximum 500,-€.

    The education voucher is issued as part of a personal consultation in authorized counseling centers. Submit it to us before the start of the further education and only pay the own contribution yourself, done!

    You can find more information here->

    Educational leave

    is the right to 5 days of professional development per calendar year, each year anew.

    So if you work in a state with an educational leave law (which is all except Saxony and Bavaria), you are basically entitled to it.

    Your company will continue to pay your salary - and, of course, the educational leave will not count towards your vacation time.

    You can find more information here ->

  • "WEITER.BILDUNG! - the qualification offensive".

    is a project of the Federal Employment Agency to support companies. Receive a (partial) reimbursement of the course costs for your employees; subsidies for wages during the course are also possible. The reimbursement is based on the size of the company and follows a scale of up to 100% of the course costs.

    Who can receive funding?

    • Microenterprises under 10 employees
    • up to large companies with more than 2500 employees
    • Collective applications for several employees possible

    Which courses are supported?

    • Funding is available for courses of 120 hours or more
    • Full-time, part-time or in-service

    -> UX Designer CPUX-F

    -> Usability & UX Experte CPUX-F

You only have a few hours a day for training?

We have the right formats for you

We adapt to your needs!
Simply select the appropriate variant when booking and start with your desired training! Our courses are modular, each module lasts 4 hours. You can find the number of modules in the course description directly in the header.

Full-day courses
2 modules per day on consecutive days

Intensive training - suitable when you need it fast

Morning courses
Continuing education on consecutive days between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Also fits part-time or when the kids are at school

Afternoon courses
Continue training on consecutive days between 2 and 6 p.m.

Fits part-time, part-time and for late risers

modular courses
Take modules flexibly when you can

For all who have to juggle with your time

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Where do the seminars take place?

Currently all seminars take place LIVE ONLINE

In-house trainings are also held: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does the online training work?

For the online training you need:

  • a fast internet access,
  • a notebook with camera
  • a microphone.


- The trainer will be available via video

- The software we use is Zoom. The routing will be exclusively Europe, North America, India and South America. Other countries have been excluded.

- We are using V-Classroom XL & a whiteboard software.

- There is no installation for this.

- For Zoom and Whiteboard you will receive an invitation by email

- There is NO additional cost to you for the online tools

Which payment methods are possible?

Payment methods:

- On account

- PayPal

- MasterCard


- Amex

How does the course take place?

At the scheduled times, a trainer will meet with you via Zoom and you can then work on the content together. You should find an undisturbed place with a good internet connection.

How many participants are in the course?

Normally, our courses consist of about 2-10 participants. This offers both the advantage that our trainers can take enough time for the questions of the group, and that you can always exchange and learn together.

What qualifications do the trainers of the courses bring with them?

Our trainers are certified usability and user experience professionals. This means we have a comprehensive understanding of the content we teach you.

How do I know when which modules are taking place?

We have a calendar in which all modules and when they take place are stored. You will receive the appropriate Zoom invitation from us via link.

How does it work with the CPUX-F test?

You can book the CPUX-F exam directly when booking the course. Then we will take care of the registration.

The date for the exam can be chosen freely, but usually we need 3-4 days in advance to be able to make the registration. It is best to use a few days after the course for intensive preparation and not to take the exam directly afterwards.

If you have not yet decided whether you want to take the exam, you can register for the exam yourself at a later date.

Is this a mass event if it's online?

No. Normally, our courses consist of a maximum of 10-12 participants*. This offers both the advantage that our trainers can take enough time for the questions of the group, and that you can always exchange ideas and work together on the practical exercises.

*For companies we can adjust the group size on request.

What discounts and special offers are available?

100% via Bildungsgutschein from the BA Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Job Center or others. Please contact us

100% via the RAV in Switzerland (e.g. Zurich) please contact us

100% via the AMS Austria please contact us

10% for GI, UPA, VDMA members (code: "GI", "UPA", "VDMA")

25% for self-payers & freelancers (code: "FB")

Team discount
10% when registering a 2nd employee (code: "ZWEI")
25% when registering a 3rd employee (code: "DREI")
on request when registering 4+ employees

25% for business founders and start-ups (code: "GRU")
25% for non-profit organizations (code: "GEM")

25% for job seekers (code: "AS")
25% for pupils, students and trainees (code: "ST")


The prices for the Axure courses (Basic, Advanced, Mobile), UA1005 UX Seminar Digital Products and CPUX-F 2 days in Germany are already net prices and can no longer be discounted.
The discounts are only valid for courses with implementation guarantee. Please enquire: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If the early bird discount is claimed, no further discount from the above list can be taken.
Minimum number of participants for CPUX-F 2 days: 2 participants
Minimum number of participants for all other courses: 1 participant
Please enter the coupon code in the field provided when ordering

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