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Coursecode:  UA1118 EN - Zertifikats Registrier-Nr.  (Arbeitsagentur): 31M1220078

Why this course? Contents

  • UA1118 Usability & UX Expert CPUX-F
  • UX Course with 2 Certificates
  • 8000 "Certified Usability & User Experience Foundation Level" UX Professionals exist. Are you in?
  • Learn and practice all the essential fundamentals and methods for designing good usable systems with better UX in all industries.
  • Certified instructors - immediate LIVE answers to questions
  • Hands-on practice with coaching for your own project.

Target audience

  • Business Analysts, Product Owners, Team Leads, Project Managers

Course format

  • 3 months full time or 6 / 9 / 12 months part time
  • LIVE ONLINE V-Classroom-XL
  • 10 participants maximum - plenty of time for individual questions


Price: 0,-€ with Bildungsgutschein or  4.550,- €  

  • Coffee machine as project work II

    Example of a coffee machine with touch display

  • Pizza project as project work I

    In the first part of the 2-part course, participants work through a case study on the topic of "Pizzeria" and how customers will be able to place their orders digitally in the future ...

  • Pizza project context of use

    ... interviews must be conducted to analyze the needs of the users...

  • Personas

    ... interviews must be conducted to describe the users in the form of personas...

    Course contents - Usability & UX Expert CPUX-F Bildungsgutschein

    • CPUX-F Foundation Level

    • User Jouney Mapping

    • CPUX-UR Advanced Level Requirements Engineering.

      User Needs richtig verstehen und in  Anforderungen transformieren

    • CPUX-UT Usability Testing & Evaluation

      Erweiterter UT Kurs, denn hier lernst Du nicht nur Usability Testing praktisch umsetzen sondern auch Remote Testing und Experten Evaluation 

    • Card Sorting & Tree Testing

    • CPUX-DS Designing Solutions

      Hier lernst Du mit praktischen Übungen Deine Konzepte so zu erarbeiten, dass Du entweder als Product Owner Deinem Team zeigen kannst was Du erwartest oder als Teammitglied sehr eng mit dem Programmierteam zusammen Fachanwendungen erstellst.

      01. CPUX-F - Human Centered Design - Human centered design
      • Understanding the essential elements of human-centered design.
      • 6 Principles of human-centered design
      • Involvement of users
      • Iterate based on frequent usability evaluation
      • Addressing the entire user experience

      Practical exercises:

      • Evaluation usability maturity
      02. CPUX-F - Basic Concepts - Usability & User Experience
      • Human Centered Quality
      • Usability & User Experience
      • Effectiveness
      • efficiency
      • satisfaction

      Practical exercises:

      Simple examples of user interfaces that illustrate essential features of usability.
      ▪ Effective and less effective
      ▪ Efficient and less efficient
      ▪ Satisfactory and less satisfactory
      ▪ Accessible and less accessible

      03. CPUX-F - Human centered design planning - UX project plan.
      • UX Project Plan
      • Work results & human centered quality metrics


      04. CPUX-F - Understanding and setting the context of use - personas, scenario, user journey map, user needs.
      • Elements of the context of use
      • Task models & goals
      • Persona, user groups and user group profiles
      • Primary users, secondary users, indirect users
      • scenarios as is versus use scenarios (target scenarios)
      • Interview and observation techniques
      • User Journey Map

      Practical exercises:

      • Context of use description after collecting data via interview
      • Create persona
      • Formulate scenario as is
      05. CPUX-F - Derive User Needs & Specify Usage Requirements
      • Requirement / User Need
      • Requirement / Market Requirement / Organisational Requirement
      • User requirement
      • Qualitative / Quantitative user requirements
      • Acceptance criteria

      Practical exercises:

      • Identifying requirements (user needs) - What does the user really need?
      • Deriving usage requirements
      06. CPUX-F - Designing solutions that meet user requirements
      • Use scenarios and storyboards
      • Task modeling as a basis for task-appropriate interactions
      • Interaction specification, user system interaction
      • Information architecture and navigation structure
      • Basic principles of 'Good UX Design',
        golden ratio, aesthetics
      • Psychology of perception - mental models,
      • Design principles
      • Design and design rules
      • IOS / Google style guide

      Practical exercises:

      • Formulating usage scenarios using a mobile app / tablet app as an example
      • Developing storyboards and wireflows
      • Harmonizing the design via wireframes
      • Developing detailed use cases, interaction specification
      • Developing interactive prototypes for a mobile app
      • Prototyping with FIGMA
      07. CPUX-F - Evaluate the design solution against usage requirements

      Usability testing

      • Types of usability tests
      • Selecting and formulating usability test tasks
      • Prepare and conduct usability tests
      • Document and communicate usability test results

      Inspections and user surveys

      • Types of inspection
      • Inspection criteria
      • User survey

      Practical exercises:

      • Developing test items for an online usability test, e.g. RapidUserTests
      • Formulating screening criteria for usability tests
      • Preparation of documents for a remote / crowd usability test
      08 CPUX-UT I - Usability Inspection
      • Getting to know the most important usability evaluation methods
      • Expert Review, Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough
      • Classification of the evaluation methods in the usability engineering process
      • Inspections and user surveys
      • Types of inspection
      • Inspection criteria

      Practical exercises:

      • Heuristic Evaluation
      09 CPUX-UT II - Usability Test - Planning, Preparation, Conduct Test
      • Types of usability tests
      • Select and formulate usability test tasks
      • Prepare a usability test script
      • Carrying out a usability test
      • Recruitment of test subjects

      Practical exercise:

      • Prepare test script for a Usability Test
      • Development of test tasks for a usability test
      • Formulation of the screening criteria for usability tests
      • Conduct pilot usability test
      • Conduct & Moderate Usability test

      10. CPUX-UT III - Usability Evaluation - Evaluation, Documentation, Report
      • Document and communicate usability test results
      • User survey
      • Reporting Usability & UX findings
      • KJ Method

      Practical exercise:

      • Implementation of a KJ workshop
      • Creation of a usability test report
      11. CPUX-UR I - Context of Use Analysis, Task Analysis, Persona, Scenario, Domain Driven Design
      • Plan and conduct context of use analysis
      • Collect and document context of use information
      • Interview, Observation, Focus Group
      • User Group & user Group Profiles
      • User Journey Map
      • Task Analysis & Task Model
      • Task Objects & Domain oriented data
      • DDD Domain Driven Design - Bounded Context

      Practical exercises:

      • Plan and conduct context of use analysis
      • Developing and describing personas
      • Develop user group profiles
      • Analyze and document task models
      • Document context of use information
      12. CPUX-UR II - Derive Requirements / User Needs - Specify User Requirements
      • Identify requirements in context of use information
      • Derive and structure usage requirements from needs
      • Consolidate usage requirements
        Work products and roles

      Practical exercises:

      • Derive requirements from context of use information
      • Derive usage requirements from needs
      • Structure and consolidate usage requirements
      13. CPUX-DS I - Design Solutions - Use Scenario, Interaction Specification
      • Use scenarios
      • Interaction specification with user - system interaction details
      • Task models
      • Enrich and structure task objects with "Core and Path" method
      • Information architecture, navigation structure
      • User flows - workflows
      • Wireframes
      • Low fidelity prototypes, high fidelity prototypes

      Practical exercises:

      • Formulate use scenario
      • Designing a storyboard
      • Design task models
      • Project work
      14. CPUX-DS II - Design Solutions - Information Architecture, Low Fidelity Prototyping, Interaction Specification
      • Information architecture
      • Navigation structure
      • Task Objects and Actions 
      • User Flows - Workflows
      • Wireframes
      • Low fidelity prototypes, high fidelity prototypes
      • Mobile & Responsive Design
      • Touchscreen Design
      • Voice interaction, gesture control

      Practical exercises:

      • Project work
      • Defining User Interface Design
      • Developing user flows
      • Develop wireframe
      • Design Patterns
      • User interface concept development
      • Low Fidelity - Paper Prototyping
      • Conduct evaluations
      15. CPUX-DS III - Design Solutions - Animations - Prototyping with AXURE
      • Detailed Interacion design
      • Selection of UI elements, design patterns
      • Style guides - Material Design, IOS
      • Animations
      • High Fidelity Prototyping with AXURE
      • Introduction to AXURE
      • Dynamic Panels
      • Mobile Prototyping
      • Implementing animations in AXURE

      Practical exercises:

      • Prototyping
      • Creating a high-fidelity prototype
      • Implementing the interaction specification
      • Develop AXURE prototype, test with others
      • Perform evaluations
      16. Certificate exams - CPUX-F + Usability & UX Expert

      Exam "Certified Usability & UX Professional Foundation Level"

      • Participants take the exam for the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation Level.
      • Examination and certificate "Usability Academy - Usability & UX Expert"

      Exam for Usability & UX Expert

      • Online test with about 40 questions
      • Multiple choice questions
      • Award of the Usability Academy certificate

      Short info - Usability & UX Expert CPUX-F Bildungsgutschein

      • Course description

        • The UA1118 Usability & UX Expert Course CPUX-F is the only course with 2 certificates.
        • The UXQB certificate "Certified Usability & User Experience Foundation Level" has been earned by over 5000 UX professionals worldwide.
        • The Usability & UX Expert certificate proves that you can immediately implement the basics and concepts of usability & user experience in your new job.
        • The training and qualification focuses on learning and practicing all the essential principles and methods for designing good usable products in digitization, such as APPs, software, websites and services with outstanding usability & user experience in all industries.
        • The seminar is for all persons who want to qualify for employment in digitalization (internet, software, internet of things, product development, automotive, administration, aerospace, aviation) and want to responsibly conduct usability tests and evaluations and develop digital interaction concepts.
        • The Usability & UX seminar with all important methods from the UXQB® CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, CPUX-UR and CPUX-DS curriculum.
        • Usability Engineering with many practical exercises.
        • Learn how Lean UX, Design Thinking, virtual collaboration with V-Classroom-XL goes.
        • The online course for UX professionals in digitalization.
        • Motto of the seminar: From the idea to creative methods, storyboard, to interactive prototype.
        • In addition to the basics CPUX-F, the seminar teaches all the important concepts for the development and design of digital products, websites / mobile, tablet, web apps and touch design in many practical exercises.
        • You will work on a project to develop concepts and prototypes for digital products and services based on the fundamentals of the Human Centered Design process according to ISO 9241 and the fundamentals of Usability & User Experience.
        • You start with a context of use analysis, develop personas and derive usage requirements for your project.
        • The basics of good design will help you to design usage scenarios, user flows and prototypes. You learn how to use perceptual psychology, intuitiveness and affordances in interaction design.
        • Iterative testing and evaluation with real users and video recordings.
        • Unique: Planning, execution and evaluation of remote usability tests with real users and planning, preparation and execution of moderated usability tests.
        • Usability & UX expert course including preparation for the basic certification CPUX-F of the UXQB®.
        • The certificate "UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)" certifies that the certificate holder is familiar with the basic terms and concepts from the field of usability and user experience in the most important areas of competence.
        • LIVE ONLINE instruction with certified instructors for immediate answers to your questions and hands-on practice with coaching for your own project. Guided self-study with tutor.

        • Recommended prerequisite: None - if you would like to use an education voucher, please contact us. We will check the requirements together. Then we will take care of everything else for you.
        • * This training is exempt from sales tax.
      • Scope of services, duration, funding

        • 480 teaching units in total - 1 unit = 45 minutes, divided as follows:
        • 108 UE LIVE ONLINE presence with trainer
        • 38 UE supervision self-study units
        • 114 UE practice coaching by trainer
        • 220 UE self-study
        • Examination fee CPUX-F & Usability & UX Expert: included in price
        • Literature included in the price: Basic knowledge Usability and User Experience / Thomas Geis, Guido Tesch and further 4 books


        • 12 weeks duration - full day
        • 24 weeks duration - half day
        • 36/48 weeks duration - part-time


        • Funding by the Arbeitsagentur with Bildungsgutschein Certificate Registration No.: 31M1220078 (use the following code when registering: bildungsgutschein )
      • Exam and certificates

        Exam "Certified Usability & UX Professional Foundation Level"

        • Participants take the exam for the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation Level.
        • Examination and certificate "Usability Academy - Usability & UX Expert"

        Exam for Usability & UX Expert

        • Online test with about 40 questions
        • Multiple choice questions
        • Award of the Usability Academy certificate
      • Target audience

        • Start-ups / Web & Mobile Responsible
        • Product Manager Web, Mobile, Tablet
        • User Interface Designers Web, Mobile, Tablet
        • Software Engineers Web, Mobile, Tablet
        • Project Manager
        • Quality managers
        • Marketing, Web Usability, Conversion Rate Optimization
        • All those involved in development projects who contribute and have a say in the design of user interfaces for web, mobile and tablet solutions.
      • Course fee

        Live online course: € 4,550 * for self-payers & companies

        Live online course: € 0 * with Bildungsgutschein 

      You become part of a large community of UX professionals

      "I found the seminar very successful overall. I also liked the design of the training as remote/online training. I also liked the work with the digital whiteboard..."

      "Trainer was very flexible and responded very well to the needs of the participants. - also remote very good working atmosphere"

      "The overview PDF that expands on the complete HCD process and lays it out clearly - that was really helpful..."

      "Questions that could be asked at any time were always answered in detail. Working through practical tasks and the practice exercises together was very helpful in preparing for the exam..."

      Many companies rely on our training courses

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