CPUX-F course ENGLISH with 5 modules a 4 hours in the morning UA1013

You will learn all the basics of the Human Centered Design process (HCD) and the most important concepts you need for digitalization projects. We prepare you carefully and in detail in 5 modules for the "Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)" certification from the UXQB*.


M01. CPUX-F Human Centered Design - Usability & User Experience
01. human-centred design process according to ISO 9241-210:2010
  • Understanding the basic elements of human-centred design
  • 6 principles of human-centred design
  • Involving users
  • Iteration based on frequent usability evaluation
  • Addressing the whole user experience
  • Understand the activities of human-centred design and their interdependency
  • Understand the purpose of each deliverable of the HCD activities
  • Human-centred quality

08. human-centred design maturity
  • Determine maturity model & maturity level
  • Measures to improve maturity level
  • Other maturity models, UX maturity, UX Maturity & UX Strategy

02. usability & user experience according to ISO 9241-11:2018
  • Usability & User Experience 
  • Difference between usability and user experience
  • Effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction
  • Interactive system, user-system interaction, user interface and user interface element
  • Accessibility & assistive technologies
  • Avoidance of harm from use

03. planning activities for human-centred design in a project
  • Planning activities for a human-centred design project
  • Human-centred quality objectives
Practical exercises: 
  • Simple examples of user interfaces that illustrate essential features of usability
  • Introduction to CPUX-F certification
M02. CPUX-F Understand and specify the context of uses
04. Understand and specify the context of use
  • elements of context of use
  • user, primary, secondary and indirect users and stakeholder, user group profile
  • goal, task, environment, resource
  • context of use analysis and how to conduct it
  • focus group, observation, contextual interview
  • as-is scenario
  • persona
  • task model
  • user journey map
  • touchpoints

Practical exercises:

  • Brainstorming - participants think about users, tasks, resources and environment and write them down on post-it notes
  • Exam preparation CPUX-F certification

M03. CPUX-F User Needs & User Requirements

05. Specify the user requirements

  • User Need / User Requirement
  • Relationship between User Need / User Requirement
  • Difference between market, organisational and user requirements
  • Qualitative and quantitative user requirements
  • Acceptance criteria

Practical exercises:

  • Identifying User Needs - What does the user really need?
  • Exam preparation CPUX-F certification

M04. CPUX-F Design solutions

06. Design solutions that meet user requirements

06.1 Design process and deliverables

  • Iterative design process
  • task models for design 
  • use scenario & storyboard
  • user system interaction
  • information architecture and navigation structure
  • card sorting
  • prototypes and wireframes
  • low-fidelity prototype and high-fidelity prototype
  • user assistance
  • user interface specification
  • ethical design & sustainable design

06.2 Guidance for user interface design

  • Interaction principles ISO 9241-110:2020
  • Nielsen Heuristics
  • Mental Model & Affordance
  • User Interface Guideline and Style Guide
  • Design Patterns & Stylguides

Practical exercises:

  • Formulating use scenarios using a mobile app / tablet app as an example
  • Exam preparation CPUX-F certification
M05. CPUX-F Evaluate the designs against user requirements
Usability Evaluation
  • Usability evaluation in human-centred design
  • key differences between usability tests, usability inspections and user surveys for usability evaluation
  • understand why interviews and focus groups are unsuitable for usability evaluation
Usability Test
  • the main activities in a usability test
  • unmoderated usability test
  • how to prepare a usability test
  • usability test guide
  • usability test task
  • recruiting of test participants
  • activities in a usability test session
  • Briefing, pre-test interview, moderation and post-test interview
  • usability test report
  • usability problem & positive finding
  • ratings used for usability findings
  • responsibilities in a usability test
  • Moderator, note-taker, observer and usability test participant
Usability inspections and user surveys
  • usability inspection
  • how and why a user survey is used for usability evaluation

Practical exercises:
  • Getting to know a tool for unmoderated / crowd usability tests with video recording (e.g. Rapidusertests)
  • Exam preparation CPUX-F certification
P11. Certification - CPUX-F

Exam "Certified Usability & UX Professional Foundation Level" CPUX-F 

  • (Optional: please state when registering whether registration for the CPUX-F exam is desired).
  • Participants take the exam for the Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation Level.
  • The exam contains 40 multiple-choice questions.

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