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Usability & UX (User Experience) Seminare
inkl. UXQB® - Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience- Foundation Level (CPUX-F)
Absolut Flexibel
modulares Training - Vollzeit / Teilzeit Vormittags, Nachmittags, Abends
Virtual Classroom XL
Live Online Training & e-Learning Campus, Whiteboard
Modulblöcke a 4 Std.
alle Unterrichtseinheiten voll mit UX Methoden und Konzepten
Kombinierbar - Fachseminare inklusive CPUX-F
alle Intensivkurse mit optionalem Doppelzertifikat
Usability & UX Professionals aus allen Branchen

Use your Bildungsgutschein and get certified with a UXQB certification

 DescriptionUX Designer
UX Designer
Usability Engineer
UA1098 DE
Usability & UX Experte
UA1118 DE
Usability & UX Experte
UA1118 DE

Units of a 4 hrs


234 234 346 480 480
Language UA1018 UX Design Weiterbildung CPUX-F UA1018 UX Design Bootcamp CPUX-F UA1018 UX Design Weiterbildung CPUX-F UA1018 UX Design Weiterbildung CPUX-F UA1018 UX Design Bootcamp CPUX-F
CPUX-F content  
Comprehensive exercises - with trainer  
Full day - Half day - Modular flexible   
CPUX-F Certificate included included included included included
Own portfolio with rich examples - FIGMA Prototyping  
Do User Research & Create personas & task models  

CPUX-UT - Usability Testing - Viodeo recording

-- --  
User Research Advanced    
CPUX-UR - User Requirements Engineering      
CPUX-DS - Design Solutions - AXURE Prototyping  --  --  
Digital Transformation - Internet of Things      
Own 2. Portfolio - possible own project subject          
Price in € plus VAT 2.230,- 2.230,-  3.300,- 4.550,- 4.550,-
Price for you with Bildungsgutschein in € 0,- 0,- 0,- 0,- 0,-
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  • The training is for those who would like to qualify for an employment in digital transformation  (internet, software, internet of things, product development, automotive, administration, aerospace, aviation).
  • Responsibly conduct usability tests and evaluations and develop digital interaction concepts.
  • The Usability & UX training with all important methods from the UXQB® CPUX-F, CPUX-UT, CPUX-UR and CPUX-DS curriculum.
  • Usability Engineering with many practical exercises. Learn how Lean UX, Design Thinking, virtual collaboration with V-Classroom-XL works. The online course for UX professionals in digitalisation.
  • Motto of the seminar: From the idea to creative methods, storyboard, to the interactive prototype.
  • In addition to the basics of CPUX-F, the seminar teaches all the important concepts for the development and design of digital products, websites / mobile, tablet, web apps and touch design in many practical exercises.
  • Based on the fundamentals of the Human Centered Design process according to ISO 9241 and the fundamentals of Usability & User Experience, you will work on a project to develop concepts and prototypes for digital products and services.
  • You start with a context of use analysis, develop personas and derive usage requirements for your project.
  • The basics of good design help you to design usage scenarios, user flows and prototypes. You learn how to use perceptual psychology, intuitiveness and affordances in interaction design.
  • You learn how to test and evaluate iteratively with real users and video recordings.
    Unique: Planning, execution and evaluation of remote usability tests with real users and planning, preparation and execution of moderated usability tests.
  • Usability & UX expert course including preparation for the basic certification CPUX-F of the UXQB®.
  • The certificate "UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience - Foundation Level (CPUX-F)" certifies that the certificate holder is familiar with the basic terms and concepts from the field of usability and user experience in the most important areas of competence. 

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